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Science and Technology Month Retrospective

For the first time in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a month has been dedicated to Science and Technology. It was April 2019 and it was exciting.

We started with Science Caravans organized in six cities by the Education Project for the Quality and Relevance of Teachings at the Secondary and University Levels. It is a project financed by the World Bank with a twofold objective, on the one hand, to improve the quality of teaching and learning in science and mathematics; and on the other hand, to enhance the relevance of technical and vocational education in the agricultural, mining and public works and construction sectors.

The Caravans of Kinshasa were organized on 3rd and 5th April 2019. Caravans of Goma, Kisangani and Kikwit took place on 12th April , that on Tshikapa on 13th April and finally Lubumbashi on 15th April. Discover here the caravans of Kinshasa and the caravans of the provinces (click on the links to launch the videos).

Approach by the situations

These caravans in these six cities were an opportunity to see on the ground, in classrooms, the implementation and appropriation of new programmes in the field of science learning based on an innovative pedagogical approach in the context of the DRC, the approach by the situations. We have all seen the increased ability and interest of students in these subjects. It was nice to see these young girls and boys, from the 7th year of Basic Education (1st secondary) perform the various manipulations in the laboratory and make very good presentations.

During the period of the science caravans, we made a stop at Kinshasa Digital Week from the 12th to the 13th April. I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on "The digital professions and the needs of companies" with very interesting speakers: 1) Simplon - Mr Bouna Kane, 2) Open Class Room - Ms. Stephan Eloise-Gras, 3 ) Kinshasa Digital Academy - Mr. Jean-Louis Mbaka, 4) The LLAB Mine - Mr Philip Kabeya.

Conferences and science villages

And on 20th April 2019, we launched the 6th edition of Science and Technology Week (SST6). I invite you to download the report (in French) of this 6th edition by clicking here: Report of the 6th edition of Science and Technology Week.

A 6th edition with 6 events:

  • On the morning of 20th April, we launched the SST6 at the Texaf Bilembo space followed by 4 launch conferences and an intervention with Raïssa Malu, Sam Yala, Audrey Pulvar, John Lombela and Jonathan Mboyo Esole;
  • The evening of 20th April, we were at the Hotel Sultani for the Gala evening of presentation of the Women in Science Database in D. R. Congo with the support of the L'Oréal Foundation;
  • Monday 22nd April, we met at the Boboto College Cultural Center for the conference day;
  • On Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th April, we were at the Science Village at the Gombe Institute in Kinshasa;
  • And Thursday 25th April was the closing of Science and Technology Week with the final of the "Saper for Coder" contest.

Report and press clips

There is so much to tell about this edition that some people call it the best to date. But, I would rather give you the opportunity to relive it through the participants. To this end, I invite you to read Assina's blog which tells you the 10 things to remember from Science and Technology Week 2019. Her testimony is so edifying!

This 6th edition of Science and Technology Week received a lot of media coverage. You will find some press articles on the website by clicking here.

Women in science

In closing, I share the article I wrote for Metro UN on the Women in Science Database I presented on 20th April.

During the gala evening presentation of the Women in Science database in collaboration with the L'Oréal Foundation, we had the opportunity to discover eight amazing women scientists of the DRC. We now affectionately call them "Science Amazons of the Democratic Republic of Congo." Discover them in the report (in French).

Amazons of science

The Amazons of Sciences of the Democratic Republic of Congo who spoke during the gala evening of April 20. From left to right: Saron Rose Kapinga, physics student at the University of Kinshasa; Fanny Kilanga, Computer Engineer; Nahomie Tshikagi, Geologist; Deborah Mbuyi, Computer Scientist; Clarisse Falanga, Biologist and Researcher; Dora Muanda, Biologist and Didactic Sciences; Sivi Malukisa, Biologist and CEO of Manitech; Raïssa Malu, Physicist; and Mamitsho Pontshi, Pilot at Congo Airways.

Check out the videos of the event on the Investing In People ASBL YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook @Semainedelasciencerdc and on Twitter @ScienceRDC.

Science is fun, join us! :-)

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