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Outstanding Young Scientists from Developing Countries to Work in China

Project of "Outstanding Young Scientists from Developing Countries to Work in China" 2018 from the International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Science and Technology

In order to promote China's scientific and cultural exchanges with countries along the “Belt and Road” and establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) launched the “Work Plan for Outstanding Young Scientists from Developing Countries in China” in 2013 (hereinafter referred to as “International Outstanding Young Scientists Plan ") to support young scientists, scholars and researchers from developing countries to conduct short-term scientific research work in Chinese research institutions, universities and enterprises.

In 2017, the Department of International Cooperation of the MOST issued the “International Outstanding Young Scientists Plan Management Measures and Implementation Guide”. According to the relevant regulations of the management measures, the “International Outstanding Young Scientists” project in 2018 is now open for application.

Applicants are requested to apply through the International Outstanding Young Scientists Program Management System in accordance with the requirements of the “International Outstanding Young Scientists Plan Application Guide” (the details are as follows). The deadline is October 20th, 2018 (Beijing Time). After the application is completed, expert review will be organized.

Main points of 2018 International Outstanding Young Scientists Plan Application Guide:

1. Conditions for foreign applicants

Foreign experts shall be from the developing countries in Asia and Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean; foreign experts should have formal work engaged in scientific research in the country where the nationality is located, and employers can issue proof of employment; he or she should have a doctoral degree or more than 5 years of scientific research experience; foreign experts should be under 45 years of age (including 45 years old) on the date of applying for the funding; he or she has good communication skills in English or Chinese; he or she is ensured full-time work in China and comply with Chinese laws and regulations and other relevant rules.

2. Post conditions

The post supported should be scientific research or science and technology policy research positions with clear job responsibilities; positions cannot be academic education; foreign experts must work with Chinese researchers.

3. Funding standards

The Program supports each foreign expert to work in China for 6 months or 12 months. The funding standard is 12,500 RMB per month before tax. The funds are only used for housing subsidies, living allowances and insurance for foreign experts in China (medical insurance and personal insurance must be covered). Tickets and other expenses are self-cover.

After the entry of a foreign expert, within 30 working days, the receiving unit should submit the materials required for the appropriation, the MOST will allocate funds to the receiving unit at one time, and the receiving unit may issue it to foreign experts on a monthly basis. The receiving unit and the foreign experts shall agree on the taxes and fees generated in the process of appropriation of funds in accordance with the regulations of the unit and the taxation department.

4. Application process

The Chinese receiving unit and foreign experts must log in to the official website of the Project. The URL is http://tysp.cstec.org.cn. The specific process is as follows:

1) The receiving unit applies for the account, which takes effect after being reviewed by the organization recommendation department (provincial department).

2) The receiving unit issues the vacant position and submits it to the organization recommendation department for review. It was first reviewed by the organization management department and reported to the final review of the MOST. A post corresponds to a foreign expert.

3) The foreign expert logins system fills in the personal information and applies of the position of interest.

4) The receiving unit conducts an interview and examines the identity information, and selects the best one to issue a work consent form online.

5) The foreign expert logins system confirms accepting the work invitation of the receiving unit, and then contacts the national government recommendation department to obtain the recommendation letter. The recommendation letter is uploaded by the receiving unit or the foreign science and technology authority through the system.

6) The Exchange Center regularly conducts formal review of projects that meet the conditions for approval.

7) The exchange center will organize the review, select foreign experts, and issue the “Notice of Receiving” to the receiving unit through the system.

For the detailed declaration process, please refer to the “Project Profile” of the official website of the International Jieqing Project.

5. Application deadline

The job registration is open all year round, and the deadline for foreign experts to apply is October 20, 2018 (Beijing Time).

6. Contact information

Work website: http://tysp.cstec.org.cn

Contact: Ming LI

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Source : Institut Pasteur of Shangai


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