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What are the visions for science in Africa ? 22 - Conclusions

Panelists give their wishes for science in Africa in just a sentence each.

Tolu Oni: "What is your vision for science in Africa? In ten seconds. What would you like to be able to do for the development of science?"

Marie-Monique Rasoazananera: "I am confident in young people. Because young people have potential. But the government and the State must also be involved to support this research, this science, so that young people can really get involved. Because young people have ideas, have potential. But "grown-ups" must also support them."

Amr Adly: "By 2030, Africa will undoubtedly be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and I believe that science and technology will play an important role in this growth and development. We have already written "Vision 2030" for Egypt, which includes all the aspects that we have already talked about. Now, it must be implemented."

Amadou Tidiane Ndiaye: "My dream is a science that is useful, mastered and accessible to all in equality, transparency and which does not compromise our reasons for living by seeking our means of living."

Seema Kumar: "My one-sentence vision is that when we open specialized scientific journals, the stories we read about science are not stories that exclude Africa. The real challenge will not be to have only the best-known stories but the other stories. All the ones that make Africa."

Tolu Oni: "I would like to conclude by referring you to a reflection that we can share because the initiatives I mentioned will above all be beneficial and I believe that we should not wait. Because there is a lot we can do right now, to enable these visions of science and young researchers to come true. I will offer three thoughts.

Don't forget to build your skills. There are many skills that can be developed that will allow you to engage in these different projects. If you do not have some skills, you must know that there are many opportunities to develop them. Ask me, or others, how to.

Second thought: don't forget the opportunities for research that are available to you. And precisely so that this research can be recognized in Africa. As you said, there is a lot of opportunities and therefore there are areas that are particularly important and promising. There is an African Academy of Sciences. Do you know this academy of science? Olanike Adeyemo is a fellow: you can ask her about it.

There are many opportunities for young African in terms of funding, if you already have a PhD, if you are in a post-doctoral position, etc. Don't forget to contact us.

And finally, don't forget to work together and build your own network. It starts here because you can't do it alone. We need more opportunities. And I believe that the links between you, and not only with the members of this panel, are essential, and will offer you new opportunities to move forward. Work together, try to see what you're working on. For example, this conference that was mentioned by one of you, go there in November and talk to him to find out what it is.

Take advantage of every opportunity. Opportunities must be sought. They won't necessarily come to you. I believe that if you do that, then we will be able to build these visions for science and scientists in Africa."


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- Luc Allemand, Editor in Chief

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