Stéphane Kenmoe

Stéphane Kenmoe is a research scientist and project coordinator at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

He was born in Ngaoundere, Cameroon. His graduate studies at the University of Dschang, also in Cameroon, allowed him to obtain a master's degree in condensed matter physics. He then spent one year at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy. In 2011, he undertook a PhD in theoretical physico-chemistry at the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research in Düsseldorf, Germany, which he obtained in 2015.

He is currently working on interactions between water and nanoparticles to better understand how they can facilitate the dissociation of water into oxygen and hydrogen.

In August 2018, he organized, with the support of ICTP, the first summer school in Dschang devoted to the Theory and implementation of electronic structure methods.

Stéphane Kenmoe is also a science popularizer, notably on the Cameroonian television channel Canal 2 International, where he regularly presents the High Tech column in the show Nous chez vous.