Alpha Kabinet Keita is a biologist and physician. He is currently a scientist at the University of Montpellier, in the UMI233 TransVIHMI of the French National Institute of Research for Sustainable Development.

He works in Guinea on the project PostEbogui "(Re) Living after Ebola: Evaluation and support of patients declared cured of an infection with the Ebola virus in Guinea" and on the RESERVOIR project "Ebola virus at the Human-wildlife interface in Guinea ".

He is responsible for the Molecular Virology Laboratory "One Health" at the National Institute of Public Health of Guinea and has strongly contributed to the creation of the Center for Research and Training in Infectious Diseases of Guinea (CERFIG) where he is head of the laboratories.

Alpha Kabinet Keita has received several awards and scholarships, including the Bronze Medal of the InfectiopĂ´le Sud Foundation, in 2012 in Marseille. Since November 2017, he is the science and technology ambassador for the Next Einstein Forum for Guinea.